Hello again. It's me, Anthony.

Creator of Healre® and Life Rocketed®.

As a kid, I would take apart toys to see what the inside was like. I've always been fascinated with products, from the inside out. That fascination led me to earn my BS in Electrical Engineering (Morgan State University) and my MS in Management for Information Systems Security (Colorado Technical University). I've worked for a variety of engineering and technical companies. And now...I'd like to work with you.

I’m a hard working man of many talents. With gathering all of my super powers from Engineering, Art, Design, and Business, I help folks along the way to a creative future. I enjoy helping people and seeing them reach their full potential. It's just something about that type of energy that keeps me going. I can help you start something from the ground up or maintain and innovate on an existing project. On the side, I tend to nerd-out over health/fitness, good food, super heroes, tech, etc. 

Let me know if I can be of any assistance. More detail of what I offer can be found on my Contact page. Hopefully, something on my website has inspired or entertained you. Feel free to reach out or follow me on social media!
~ Anthony