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Thinking About Quitting?

Thinking About Quitting?

What drives you to keep going even though you haven’t “made it” yet? You should be asking yourself this question. It will come in handy for those difficult times. I ask myself this each time I say that I’ll quit and that I’m DONE with business stuff, etc. It’s hard work.

For me, the concept and the tools needed are not hard at all. It’s more so the obstacles that come with the territory. The search for greatness can be challenging. It’s the dang “life happens” reality that trips me up. It’s sometimes funny, but only after the fact…not at all humorous while I am in the moment. It would be awesome to know of the brick walls ahead of time right? But life isn’t always that easy now is it?

Yes, I’ve said that I would quit often. I've actually tried several times, but it keeps coming back to me.

Deep down, I’ve never really tried hard enough to quit. Me quitting is actually taking a long break, all while trying my hardest NOT to think about any NEXT idea or design.

My break is usually over when I find myself being pulled right back in. Randomly, someone will catch me off guard and have the nerve to have a really good conversation about exercise, business, or needing advice. That always gets me! I’m a sucker for trying to motivate someone on the healthy lifestyle track…even helping them to brainstorm on an idea or passion. I just can’t help myself! I could be half asleep and if you even whisper anything related to health/fitness or business, I’m sure I’ll wake up and start drooling over the conversation.

So I say this to you, my friends…keep going! But if you honestly want to quit, then quit! See how it makes you feel. Now, I am not encouraging you to give up on any dreams, but if you truly feel like you need a brief break, just break! And make it a good one. Then, see how your life feels without that dream you are engaged in unfolding. I wish you well on your epic journey!


My soul found something to write about, with hopes that it will inspire or entertain another. Peace and blessings.
~ Anthony

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